LAW Clan Own-Hosted Servers now LIVE!

The LAW clan are now hosting their own, locally hosted Battlefield servers.

These are Own-hosted, and will NOT appear on battlelog. (We have our own BattleLog!) The servers are also UNRANKED servers, so any progression on these servers will NOT mirror to EA’s ranked servers.

The benefits of own-hosted servers are :

  • Most servers are running higher Tickrates. Trust us, you will feel the difference!
  • We can spawn or change servers as the need arises. Feel like a small server with close combat? No Problem! Into large maps with plenty vehicles? you Got it!
  • We are keeping both BF3 and BF4 Alive. It IS, afterall, the greatest game!
  • If Origin servers go down, we carry on!, International link down? No Problem!
  • We have our own hack and cheat detection IN ADDITION TO Punkbuster and Fairplay.
  • Improved server control and customisation.


We do NOT condone or allow any of the following :

  • Hacking or cheating of any sort. Just because these are un-ranked servers does not mean a hacker free-for all. Fair, and legal play is REQUIRED and enforced
  • Software piracy. To play on our servers you can either make a copy of your paid-for game folder and patch it, or play on your original folder, the choice is yours, but at least OWN a copy of the game.
  • People with attitude or something to prove. At the end of the day, it remains OUR Server, OUR rules. We are here for the love of the game, and purely for our enjoyment. Crying, whining, whinging or any activity that makes it less fun for others to play will get you kicked or even banned. Just be chilled, play fair, and have fun!

So how do I join in the fun?

The LAW Clan server can be found on

Instructions to patch your game to play on our Own-Hosted servers can be found on this HOW-TO page: