How to set up your Battlefield 3 and 4 for own-hosted play.

Lets begin with the standard disclaimers :

  • The LAW Clan are hosting these servers with the purest of good intentions. We do it for the love of this great game, and because we love playing it.
  • The Mods described below are completely legitimate. We have thoroughly checked every file for malicious content and have been in testing phase for an extended period of time to make sure it all works as intended . You can revert to normal, online play at any time. (we do all the time)
  • The SINGLE modified file is purely to enable play on our server, no other changes will be made to your file structure.
  • Having said all that, the LAW CLAN or any of our affiliates will NOT be held responsible in any way for any loss, damage or inability to play at any time whatsoever. Playing on our server(s) means YOU accept all and any risks.

Now lets get started…

At first glance it may seem overly complicated, but in reality it is really very simple!

You can either decide to patch your existing game folders, or if you like, you can make an exact copy of your game folders, then make the changes on those. The choice is yours!

Step 1: Go to our BattleLog Page

Visit and register your username, choose a password. Log into the server if required.

Step 2 : Set up your profile :

Click Settings, and make the changes shown below:
UNTICK the Check box, enter your Clan Tag, and set your avatar.

Step 3 : Download the Client files

Click DOWNLOADS in the top right corner to go to the Downloads page

and Download the Client Files

The Zip file is Client.ZIP, 34Mb in size

Extract the files and folders to a suitable place (e.g. d:\Client)
The contents of the folder should look like this :

Once extracted you can run the batch file : LawCLAN_setup, you will see this screen :

We recommend you choose option 1 first. this will make a backup of your current BF executables and registry (Just in case!)

Then , if you want to leave your current BF folders untouched, you can choose option 2 and 3 to make a copy of your entire BF3 or BF4 folder, and apply the patch for LH play.

If you do not have enough disk space to make copies, (120GB required), you can simply choose option 4 and 5 to patch your current installations. To use Option 4 and 5 you MUST first run option 1.

Your game is now ready to play! Choose option 7 to play on our LH servers, and option 8 to revert back to Origin linked servers.

If any of these steps are unclear , feel free to ask us to help.

Now head over to the action !